The Marriage Hall of Fame

Marriage Hall of Fame

For a married couple, is there any goal in life more worthwhile than honoring God and each other in marriage? Everyone knows that a married life is full of tough challenges. But couples can choose to rely on the Lord. This can give them grace needed daily to make marriage all that it was intended to be. The Marriage Hall of Fame was created by Home Encouragement to recognize and celebrate marriages that have not only stood the test of time, but have been a positive influence on many others. These relationships are not at all perfect–far from it! But they are marriage relationships that have remained strong while also being an encouragement to those around them. They are reminders that the sacrifices of marriage are well worth it and that the dividends are great and can impact generations.

We celebrate and especially honor the following couples.
Meka & Chris Arend (inducted June 2015)

Mandi & Jason Barrett (Inducted February 2017)

Laura & Mike Benes (inducted June 2016)

Carolyn & Gary Bowker (inducted January 2013)

Mindy & David Bradley (inducted June 2015)

Sheri & Richard Bright (inducted June 2016)

Susan & Fred Caldwell (inducted June 2016)

Charlotte & Wade Crawford (inducted June 2016)

Yvonne & Ted Cummins (inducted June 2016)

Bets & Cowboy Davis (inducted July 2011)

Jo Ellen & Bob Dietz (inducted October 2014)

Robin & Richard Duggan (inducted November 2013)

Trisha and Howard Edington (inducted February 2015)

Cindy & Mike Eyre (inducted August 2014)

Shelley & Steve Ferguson (inducted February 2013)

Shari & Alf Halvorson (inducted June 2016)

Tattin & Dick Harvin (inducted April 2017)

Betty & Jim Herrington (inducted June 2016)

Kelly & Mike Handel (inducted March 2015)

Christine & Kevin Hannon (inducted March 2015)

Lee & David Hargrove (inducted August 2012)

Sue & David Harkins (inducted February 2012)

Jane & Bart Henson (inducted June 2016)

Joan & Gay Hudson (Inducted July 2013)

Connie & Mark Hunker (Inducted June 2014)

Kellie & Brett Hurst (inducted August 2012)

Vicky & Casey Jones (inducted June 2016)

Susan & Dean Johnson (inducted June 2016)

Sara & Eric Kuhn (inducted October 2012)

Bette & Foster McArthur (inducted February 2017)

Barbara & Ray McLaughlin (inducted October 2012)

Trudy & Tim McDermott (inducted June 2016)

Janice & Bob McNair (inducted July 2015)

Beth & John Morgan (inducted June 2016)

Sueanne & Randy Nichols (inducted February 2013)

Carol & Jere Overdyke (inducted July 2015)

Linda & Monte Pendleton (inducted June 2016)

Betty & Ron Perry (Inducted January 2013)

Stephanie & Mickey Peters (inducted June 2015)

Terri & David Peterson (inducted July 2011)

Ellen & Grant Peterson (inducted July 2015)

Liane & Marty Phillips (inducted July 2015)

Elisabeth & Hank Rush (inducted June 2015)

Maggie & Warren Russell (inducted June 2016)

Jenny & Dave Steane (inducted June 2016)

Trisha & Craig Taylor (inducted June 2016)

Sherry & Greg Webster (inducted November 2012)

Linda & Rick Wertz (inducted July 2016)

Nominating a couple for induction into the Marriage Hall of Fame requires a minimum $500 donation to Home Encouragement. This will enable us to encourage more and more marriages in Houston and Texas to grow in grace and strong commitment. Please contact us at for more information. And thank you for celebrating healthy marriages with us!