Episode 27 – Deep Thoughts About “The Bachelor”

Brett & Kellie
April 2nd, 2013

  • This was one of the best episodes. I love hearing Brett and Kellie make fun of the Bachelor. If it’s been running 16 seasons, then that is 15 seasons too long. Gotta keep those helicopter and hot tub industries flourishing somehow, as Brett said.

    The main reason I believe it is still on is because people are in denial that the success rate could be so low for those couples after they get married. The audience sees the result of a scripted, rehearsed act that ends with unrealistic expectations, yet reality TV is about as realistic as most of the video games I play. People love to believe a lie If it makes them feel better. Certainly Satan wants us to believe his and the world’s lies.

    It’s a reflection on American culture, sadly. Keep up the great work Brett and Kellie!


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