What We Do

Home Encouragement® cares about couples.

We provide premarital training and marriage enrichment for couples, family-oriented agencies, businesses, churches and organizations in the local community. We also personally encourage countless couples who are hurting from marital stressors.

Home Encouragement® believes in the importance of marriage

Home Encouragement is championing the re-prioritization within families of the importance of marriage. Statistics are clear that many social services in Houston will directly benefit from successful efforts toward healthier marriages and families.

Home Encouragement® wants to see the expansion of premarital support programs

Home Encouragement encourages the expansion of premarital programs offered in the city of Houston. We are one of several Houston area providers for the statewide Twogether in Texas program. Our lofty dream is that one day every engaged couple in this city will be able to benefit from helpful premarital instruction before their wedding day.

Home Encouragement® helps couples in crisis find healing

Home Encouragement provides couple “triage” for couples in crisis. Further options for resources or professional help are available. If interested, please contact us and let us know of your interest. We believe that every married couple needs someone behind them, cheering for them.